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"?amdži? Comerc''doo Kladanj is known for a very affordable price, and flexibility about means of payment. All the information you get from the friendly staff ?amdži? Komerc (Hotel" Bosnia "motel" Deer, "motel" America "and water" Kladanjke " ) contact phone / fax.: 035 / 622 to 250, mob.: 061 / 944 to 255, 062 / 697-405


Motel ''America''

In the immediate vicinity (100 meters) Motels''Deer''located the decoration of this area. A modern oriental style with architectural performance of pillars and arches blending into the existing natural environment. Motel has 20 beds in single and double rooms. Rooms are equipped with modern bathrooms. The interior is unique in performance for both domestic and foreign tourists, and summer garden provides a unique atmosphere and relaxation for the eyes. Luxuriously furnished apartments with private bath will satisfy the most demanding. A healthy diet with a rich Bosnian specialties with the natural environment quality are of the motel.

Motel ''Deer''

Located at the entrance to Kladanj from Sarajevo in the beautiful mountain environment. The long family tradition, a very rich kitchen with Bosnian Bosnian specialties (lamb roast - in whose quality and reasonable price is known throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina). In addition to the restaurants and the snake - the bar was built more stepenastih terrace which offer a nice view of the coniferous forest and Bratila heights. Motel has 40 beds, single and double rooms and with a very affordable and cheap price. Elegantly furnished abundant in various types of bar drinks, and friendly staff makes the atmosphere even more. The motel is located near the newly discovered cave and "Bebrovska cave.

Hotel '' Bosnia''

Hotel''Bosnia''is located in the center of Kladanj directly to the main road Sarajevo-Tuzla. At the end of 2003 years has made a complete renovation of the hotel, so the hotel now has 60 beds, modern kitchen, restaurant, coffee room, terrace, Snake - a bar, lounge for seminars, hair salon, disco, pizza and other amenities. Hall restaurant is ideal for seminars, meetings, weddings and other cultural events. Pizzeria is equipped with a modern interior and a summer garden. For the night life of young it has a very nice hotel discotheque by european standards.

Nearby (600 m) from the hotel is located and the Olympic sky-lift with excellent trails for alpine and Nordic skiing. In the summer guests disposal and urban beach "Dam". As a very attractive offer for the preparation of athletes and the Olympic Stadium from the hotel only 200 meters.



Centuries-old Djedovac ''source'' is known since the Ottoman rule, where the caravan stopped, and older people with care and returned  body strength and vitality, and he named Old Djedovac-Water Youth. Thanks to the composition of water containing many different minerals properly deployed, the water has a beneficial effect on the smooth working of the kidneys, invigorates the body and gives it vitality, improves the appetite, as well as the overall state of the organism, and is particularly good for male fertility and longevity. Water Kladanjka the temperatri 6 ° C is crystal clear and retains all the natural properties without any additives.


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