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Girl's cave

In place Brateljevici, 6 km from Kladanj is Djevojacka caves. This cave behind a very long tradition, is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites, and with Ajvatovica greatest pilgrimage sites in BiH. The cave is connected to the legend about a girl whose grave is on the hill at the end of the cave. Legend says that one night a girl from Kladanj set off to prove his courage. When she heard the story of a group of boys who bet that one who brought water from springs in the cave waiting for a rich prize, they wanted to forestall, she went into the cave, and as evidence that was there took the spindle, which was hurt by wells. As the cave was dark spindle is hurt in a part of their clothing, and the time when he wanted to get up the senses that "something" that prevents. From the fear caused by an unexpected event the girl is dead. On that site was buried testified grave and hindsight.
More than ten thousand people visit this cave on the last Sunday in the month of August, when a traditional rain s work, and just next to the tomb at the end of the cave, a large number of believers before learning rainy dove, spread slaughter and prayed for the soul of a girl of which the cave got its name . The people of this region holds the belief that washing with water that seeps down the walls of the cave brings health.
Maintenance dove in the month of August every year, accompanied by a seven-day event that provides an opportunity for the gathering of content that can be poetry, music, pictures and movies, history, and all other media of the human spirit. The aim of the event is therefore the affirmation of all religious and cultural heritage created in this area.
Brateljevi?ka cave is known for the cult, which has the characteristics of the pre-Islamic period, which is corroborated by numerous drawings on the cave walls and even in ancient times, it is assumed that the cave was the Bogomil cult site. Engraving on a rock in a cave girls cause justified the interest of archaeologists and cultural historians. Certain elements in these drawings indicate their medieval Provenance. Between art images can clearly distinguish three types: the horsemen, standing figures and animals suitable deer.
Especially interesting are the figure of a woman and a circle beside it - perhaps a symbol of the sun. For this drawing is supposed to be about 3000 years old. There is engraving (drawing) rider on a horse coming out of a cave. Researchers think this is about St. George is the patron of Bosnia.
In addition to drawing in some places there are a number of records in the Arabic language from the Ottoman period.
Girls caves throughout the year draws many tourists, journalists, TV crews and other wanderers.



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