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Tito's cave

Tito's cave, cultural, historical and natural heritage monument, is located near the town of Plahovi?i Kladanj. This is the cave where, during National Liberation War war in June 1943rd were the supreme commander Tito during the struggle for Kladanj liberation.
In hiding from the German aviation Tito with the nearest associates withdrew during the day in this cave, and spent the night in a house in Plahovi?i which still resists the ravages of time and its ancient appearance it present interesting example of the old Bosnian construction. In written documents from this period is that in this region are very important documents proposed for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were then adopted at the sessions AVNOJ and ZAHNOBIH's. This cave, according to an earlier Nature Protection Act  (''Official Gazette''SRBiH No. 4 / 65.), proclaimed a memorial monument of nature. Municipality Kladanj this cultural, historical sites included in the tourist map of the municipality. Today, these monuments of the same care and maintain anti-fascists and the Association of Veterans NOOR  Kladanj and the Association of Municipalities of Josip Broz ''Tito'' Kladanj. These associations were 5 years ago launched an initiative for the revival of these monuments when he organized 1st Manifestatio. Tito's cave,''Days'' which grew in the traditional and is held every year, last Saturday in June to commemorate the significant historic dates from the period of NOOR's 1941-45. That day,  this place visit one hundred of tourists, anti-fascists, journalists, TV crews and other curious people from the territory of whole BiH and neighboring countries. As the cave is situated in very beautiful natural environment, forest wealth, beautiful view, clean air, herbs etc., it is possible to arrange trekking tours departure from Kladanj, and movement direction would be Plahovi?i - Tito's cave - Prevoj Papa - Tuholj -- Javroje.


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