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Happiness is like a butterfly ,it lands quietly, cheerfully, touches you, and disappears, and you stay happy and satisfied. That happened to us, fourth year students from the tourismand hospitality high schools IV2 and IV3, (60 students), we had a chance to apply for  a project that was funded by the organization KulturKontakt from Austria with it’s headquarters in Sarajevo. The aim of the project was the development of tourism education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6 of the 16 schools were selected and our school was in the top 6. Together with our teacher, Svjetlana Bogdanovic-Kuret, we gave the project its name and the projects we will work on, the development of the web portals of Tuzla Canton under the name Tourist butterfly. In the beginning, we visited 5 insufficiently explored tourist attractions, which could add "NEW TOURISM; train Ciro, Paradise Lake Bašigovci, Zla?a resort, village Tuholj and Goleti?i on the mountain Konjuh. On the trips we researched, studied, interviewed, and enjoyed the charms of nature and hospitality of the hosts, and so that’s how our tourist butterfly made its first flight.
We want to mention that all tours were free, as well as equipment we have received, a digital camera Olympus E-620, which helped us too connect directly to the portal, in a very authentic way, that while you are reading our articles, you can sense the clean mountain air.

Student's who participated in the field trips and the web portal. ( * )

  • Antunovi? Sandra
  • Begzadi? Mersida
  • Džafi? Amela *
  • Ferhatbegovi? Anela
  • Hadži? Jasmin
  • Huri? Azra
  • Malko?evi? Emrisela
  • Markovi? Manuela
  • Mehi?i? Mirsada
  • Modri? Omer *
  • Muminovi? Emina
  • Mustafi? Edis
  • Niki? Dražen
  • Niši? Dijana
  • Omeragi? Admir *
  • Pavi? Mandalena
  • Rami? Enisa
  • Ribi? Majda
  • Šoji? Jelena
  • Alji? Denis
  • Andri? Vedrana
  • Bajri? Miralem
  • Hamzabegovi? Amina
  • Hodži? Jasmin *
  • Hodži? Sabina
  • La?i? Sanja *
  • Maliki? Edina
  • Juri? Mladen
  • Markovi? Ivana
  • Mehanovi? Edin
  • Muli? Adnan *
  • Maši? Nadina
  • Rahmanovi? Zerina
  • Trumi? Dino
  • Zuki? Anel *
  • Dogi? Sedina *
  • Hodži? Selma
  • Salihovi? Eldin *
  • Svjetlana Bogdanovi?—Kuret, * project leader

We have the copyright on all photos, video clips, news and other content in Web Portal.
Every day we have a increased number of visitors to the portal, as well as enthusiasts of tourism, who want to be a part of the editorial board.
Tourist butterfly was successfully presented at the Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo, 12.15.2009. In the final part of the project Promotion of Education in Southeastern Europe, which is condicted by the Austrian organization KulturKontakt, the Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo held the presentation of six school projects, implemented by the tourist and hospitality high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At the opening ceremony, the participants were adressed by His Excellency Dr Donatus Koeck, Ambassador of Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who emphasized the importance of the participation of BiH schools in this project and future development of tourism education in our country.
The attractive presentation of Tourist butterfly, as well as opportunities for development and upgrade projects, which will be implemented as a new teaching tool in the practical teaching and leisure activities of students, has aroused special attention too visitors.
The presentation of the project was held by the following students : Admir Omeragi?, Amela Dzafic, Jasmin Hodzic and Sedina Džogi?, who presented our school and Tourism of Tuzla Canton.
This event was a great opportunity to get students acquainted with the work and results of other tourist schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We invite all users to be actively involved in the operation of the portal

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Be curious, feel free and enjoy your trips ... Greetings from www.turisti?ki-leptir.com



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