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vodenica_small Centennial mill in the village Staric


Wooden water mill, the water plant, located in Staric  is about 100 years old. This is the object of mounting ethnic type of construction and is currently in a neglected state, where the most damaged wooden bearing structure and concrete poles. The existing roof covering of black sheet leaky and not authentic cover of this building. For this reason, the owner turned to the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism with the project co-financing for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of this valuable facility.

kamen_smallAll his life the mill was in operation and grind wheat, corn and other crops not only for locals old woman, but there are people coming from distant places Kladanj and over 30 kilometers. This facility was in operation in the period since 1992. so until 2002 year. Yet today, continuing with the maintenance and operation of the''old''which has a very vrijednan character of cultural heritage and natural heritage.

In addition, this facility is the source of pension income families whose pension is not sufficient for a normal life. It is important to note that the owner, in addition to the basic functions of mills and milling flour in their offers and products from corn and wheat flour.

From this we can see that the multifunctional character of this building, or in addition to create a recognizable center (there is no similar facility in the municipality Kladanj) in this way creates the preconditions for rural development and increase the tourism offer for the owner of the property cycle has an old craft shop, which together makes a rare tourist attractions.


The owner of the mills, Aleksic Milan, during the 1985th until 1990. year was in his house catering facility through which a closed circuit catering and tourist attractions. In this round was a mill to produce flour, the restaurant is produced and launched a healthy food, and since the building was a restaurant near the massive furniture factory old woman, a large number of daily visitors had the opportunity to assure the quality of products offered.

Statements by Mr. Aleksic this mill and other facilities can be very attractive objects of the tourist offer of this region. Additionally there is the possibility to organize hiking on a mountain peak Gu?ina visits and hunting lodge.

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