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Walking along the northern slopes of the mountain Konjuh, we went and studied the small and large hill mountain Konjuh.

The longest and most beautiful canyon in the Tuzla canton, mountain streams Krabanja, whose source is quoted at 860, below the mountain peak named Konjuš?i?, 1122 meters high.From the source, the left side Krabanja in length about 4 kilometers, are Krabanja  rocks. There is also a habitat for grouse, brown bear and other large forest wildlife.On the right side of the canyon stretches hill named Broad Plain, 1037 meters high. Krabanja canyon is covered with pine and beech trees, and is passable throughout the length the former route of the Austrian narrow-gauge railway. Length of the canyon is 10 kilometers and it has a difference in altitude of 368 meters. I'm still thinking in which  season krabanjska  ''Mini Dolomites'' are more  beautiful , whether in  winter or in summer. Morning sun first shone  '' Mini Dolomite''  and then for a few hours arrived at Krabanja fountain. All this is nicely seen and experienced when you go to the clearing Palu?ak 502 meters above sea level. In just one hour journey to climb through the forest (Austrian narrow-gauge railway route) on the clearing elevation 800 meters below the top of Broad Plain. From the east, the direction of a mountain peak 1086 meters high Zelenboj comes to Krabanai another mountain beauty  the Great  Zla?a the 432 bones meet, and form the starting point of the river Oskova. We went and explored the northern slopes of the mountain Konjuh. We were looking for the best location for a university mountain home. The mountain home is intended for holidays, sports and recreation, students, teachers and all employees at the University of Tuzla, in order that they also become a  part of the standards that have universities in the European Union. Man, wake up, it's easier to take them, our students in Kranjska Gora and leave the money there, then to lead ''Kranjska students''   to our Konjuh, so they can  left their money to us. We visited the mountain peaks and hellebore, high Bukovac 1137 and 1115 meters, but they are separate stories for young enterprising people and people with vision.  We want  to get our Kladanjsko -Zagrebacko-Sljeme, racing in the disciplines of Alpine ski World Cup. This winter, at the invitation of entrepreneurs from Kladanj. Walking in the  snow easter  and southern slopes of the mountain Konjuh in company of  society members Futurist NGO's from Tuzla, contractors, hunters and mountaineers from Kladanj. People who want their town to become what he or she belongs to the natural and topographic, and it is winter and summer tourist center of Tuzla Canton, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and beyond the region. Enough  waiting for them. They wanted to light a tourist on a sunny day shining throughout the calendar year in their Kladanj. Whenwe  asked:'' Where is your office Tourist Board of the Municipality Kladanj''. They respond that in  2003  English Lord Paddy Ashdown in action ''Bulldozer''  moved  tourist offive  from Kladanj in  Zivinice, which is 35 kilometers away from Kladanj. I wish  that one day  young people, travel trained guides and experts from Kladanj finally get chance to breathe with full lungs. We want to help them from their and our Kladanj make our Kranjska Gora, Vlasic or Sljeme.

Written text and photographs:

Ivica Žižak

Expert in photography, nord, winter and summer tourism.


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