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Dear nature lovers, adventurers and mountaineers freshly, we give some useful tips and information on mountains and mountaineers. How easier and safer to realize its goal: the mountain cliffs, rocks or glacier ... Where will the power of their psycho-physical condition touches the desired goal. Where will his power of reason to win "win" the mountain top. Where will their emotional experiences and to share the victory with only himself and his team.

Be assured, there among the rocks and the tops of the mountains there is no audience no fans, no one except you are not looking for a eagle, who also enjoys just like you, who have invested enormous effort for their personal pleasure and satisfaction ...

Remember, going to the mountains, you test your ultimate psycho-physical options, if you want to be beautiful and strange, that once again bore the idea and the desire for a new departure ...

Please note that guests are going to his or her majesty called mountains. Mountains throughout the year, live your life, it ruled its natural laws, it conceals its danger that will punish all those visitors who don't respect or come unprepared for its space. Mostly it's just a reminder of the mountain and a few times harsh punishment.

Depending on the severity of mountain enterprise, each participant should have the appropriate, tested and comfortable equipment, good psycho-physical condition, that it is capable of disciplined and injured another is ready to provide first and any other aid ...
So, join the Mountaineering Association, the contact time of his departure to the mountains, the direction of movement, the goal of your enterprise ... Gather information about the mountain, hikers of those who were already there. Listen to the advice already experienced climber aces, hiking read literature, watch the weather forecast ...

Usually the danger with which you will encounter in the mountains are fast weather changes, sudden fog, very strong wind on the reef, do not be surprised by the phenomenon of the glacier fena ...

The mountain climbers use the markings. Do not pick mountain flowers-leave it to the beauty diejle and others. Do not leave anything that might impair the beauty of nature which you pass by.Take care of the natureand do not start the fire if it isn't necessary.
Ups performed in the early morning hours, to give you more time to rest from the rest of the day. The mountain homes obey house rules, sign a book of visit ... Help superintendent, made him tea, sometimes put in their tea kašikici salt because cotton undershirt they presvukao certainly is white with salt, and so this should be compensated. Take calorie food that does not spoil quickly.

Comfortable: hobnailed shoes, backpack, jacket and hat are mandatory piece of equipment, bring a raincoat and yet, spare clothing, sleeping bags, knives, first aid, matches, topographical map or a tourist map of the area in which you go.
Need for extreme hiking and extraordinary psycho-physical fitness, tackled courses in alpine skills and survival in extreme conditions at low temperatures, inspected and quality equipment to both dereze, iceaxe, goggles, gloves, rope, prusika, carabineer, spiral Clinical ice ..
Take protective cream for face to prevent burns from the sun (as the chin protection is not enough). Take quality camera or a camera to record it all. What would be a personal journal with no photos. Daily without photos is like a winter day in the mountains without the sun ...
During preparations for leaving u need to have more things on ur mind agree on everything as a team, "team victory," but you know that leader and leader of the main climb, their word is executed and only in this case, success is attainable.
Whatever the unexpected happens, no moment do not panic reigned in your mind. Know that you always think the most capable and trained to your comrades from the nearest mountain rescue service (GSS, GRS), there are members of the police special-purpose ... Be sure they will take action in your rescue of the same moment when they came to the notice of your need for their assistance.
Success, and give (for force majeure), the set target because of its mountains and temperament dictate everything. Remember, we are only a temporary guest in her room, and we can come again.
I wish you that your every trip to the mountain in summer or winter conditions, be an unforgettable experience, to remember that who you love and will always ask the same questions: What and where it draws so much ...? Sometimes take them, it's easier than you to explain something that can not be explained.


Author of text:

Ivica Žižak

expert: photography, nord, winter and summer mountain tourism


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