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New Year's Eve 2010

Hope and optimism are a very powerful force - give them a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised at Year 2010
Decorated city looked like a fairytale, creativity lamps which have adorned the middle of December the have announced the Christmas and New Year holidays. New 2010th was met in catering establishments with entertainment, as well as squares. Traditional New Year in SCCE Mejdan in Tuzla, was organized this year, there were thousands of visitors who were entertained with good music. At the time of the onset of New Year, when at midnight clockwise coincided , we wished happines to the people we love, and of course myself. I sincerely believe in the continued fulfillment of their wishes, although so far things were not going smoothly.
Lots of luck and good dreams to bring you a new year, and let an old one to carrie a sorow and pain, all that  wants you Mr. Tourist

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