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Night of FC Sloboda

No one, no one but Sloboda, you're sacred, we sang till late in the night...
On March 27 in Cafe/Club Salt, UG ''Friends of FC Sloboda'' Tuzla organized the second ever ''Night of the friends of FC Sloboda'' with an attendance of 300 friends, sympathizers and fans of Sloboda. Tambourine players made the mood, having partially rejected payment so as to support the gathering; ?ao Band joined them, performing in Sloboda's uniform and entertaining audiences until late in the night.
An especially emotional and touching moment occured during a showing of a five-minute film which detailed FC Sloboda's history from the day it lost in the Premier League to their latest victory against Lukavac's FC Radni?ki. Thanks to various sponsors, the ten luckiest attendants received giftsand tickets for FC Sloboda vs. FC Jedinstvo. Sponsors who supported the gathering include the brewery d.d Tuzla, the dairy No?ko (Živinice), Coffe Kalesija, CD Shop Mido, Repro Kari? d.o.o, Eurofer, Irish Pub St. James Tuzla, hairstylers' saloon X-Style, No Mas Vello Tuzla, tabacco shop Uncro, Bony juices and Novošped d.o.o Tuzla.

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