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Knitting workshop

alt In tourist and catering school in Tuzla, a workshop of creative knitting was held.


Creative knitting workshop was a result of a project that was presented to the school fair Volunteer - Credit, which was held in Sarajevo. Project 'I knit, you knit too...' is presented to the official publication of the fair and got among the 107 best projects in Bosnia and Herzegowina.

At the workshop, to the participants was demonstrated a new technique of knitting with help of special wool 'Lace', and with that special wool, for a very short period of time, you can create interesting decorative shawls and scarves. To this workshop dozen of students attended, as well as teachers and other school staff. Using this unique opportunity, professors were able to learn something new from their students, who have demonstrated an enviable knowledge of new techniques and succeeded for a short time to get to know all the students with the basics of this interesting skill.


We Thank Trimmings "Satin" from Tuzla, which has provided generous support to the project

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