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I knit, You knit too...

altAt the 6th Fair Credit - Volunteer in Sarajevo team of tourism and catering school presented the project 'I knit, You knit too ...'

In Sarajevo on 13.04.2013 6th Fair  'Credit - Volunteer" participated more than 600 high school students from 107 schools and 48 cities in Bosnia and Herzegowina. The fair, which has evolved into a traditional event is an opportunity for high school students to present their projects that are aimed at raising the quality of life in their communities. The fair is an excellent opportunity to meet and establish contacts with colleagues from other schools, representatives of the community and the many visitors.

Project 'I knit, You knit too...' based on building awareness of the creative potential of young people and self-organizing capabilities, labor and business in conditions of economic crisis. The basis of the project consists of knitting workshops, where students who are interested in this sort of a thing, would train how to knit clothes (scarves, hats, fashion scarves, decorative accessories, etc.). In the next step, the final products would be, with the help of partners from industry, presented to public through sale of paintings, where the collected funds allocated to the purchase new materials, organizing workshops knitting, charity action within the school and other activities.


The goal of the project is that within three months through intensive work to provide students first-hand experience on the complete process of contractor work, from concept to running a business.



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