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Tourist Market

altIn city of Zvornik first "Tourist Market" was held.


Students of Tourism and Catering School in Tuzla have participated in the first tourist market in Zvornik, organized by the Zvornik High school and vocational school "Petar Kocic" and financially supported from organization "Nansen djalog Center" from Sarajevo. The event was attended by high school students from Little Zvornik, who along  with their colleagues from Tuzla and Zvornik, presented visitors products that promote their schools and their cities.

This unique event has awakened great interest of visitors who had the opportunity to enjoy the souvenirs, photographs and delicious savory and sweet dishes, which are prepared by the school.

Director from Zvornik school Biljana Pisica noted that it is planned that this event has become a traditional and gain competitive character.

Team of Tourism and Catering School in Tuzla, led by director Jasmin Imamovic and prof. Svjetlan Bogdanovic-Kuret, gave herself in the best light to present her school, as well as her city.

With an extremely hospitable people, the event left a positive impression on many visitors as well as the participants, who took the opportunity to meet and socialize with colleagues from other schools.


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