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Tourists, do you have iMAP ?

alt Students of Tourist and Catering school have launched a new project to promote tourism in the town Tuzla of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In cooperation with an Austrian organization KulturKontakt, students of Tourist and Catering school have started a project called 'Tourists, do you have iMAP'.

What is iMAP?

 iMAP allows tourists and visitors in the city of Tuzla, to use their smart phones (smartphones) so they can quickly and efficiently locate all the objects of interest in our city and also to find the quickest way to reach them.


How iMAP actually works?

The basis of the project is so-called "location-based services' - which means the use of application solutions on 'smartphones' with Android operating system, who helps to find and locate tourist facilities. The user with hes phone, via satellite (Global Positioning System - GPS) determines hes current location, and then through an application asks for a specific kind of tourist facilities (for an example accommodation, restaurants, recreational facilities, cultural institutions, etc.) . Upon inquiry, the system displays on the screen a list of found objects with information about the facility, as well as the distance from the point at which the user is currently located. User can get IMAP which tells him the exact location of the selected object, as well as additional information.


Who is it for?

All visitors and tourists, who after loading free application, can quickly and easily find any content of tourism, as well as the precise location, making them to have easier and simpler time in our town. In the first phase of the project there is a database of about 80 locations that will be available for the search, and soon follows a plan to expand and multiple locations that are of interest to tourists and visitors of Tuzla. In near future, we expect  to expand to the entire location of the Tuzla Canton and to other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The application will soon be available to all phone and tablet users with Android operating system, which will be available to download from Google Play Market.


Good luck and see you on iMAP !




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