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Biological Collection

chronobiology-logo "Tourist Butterfly Team" visited a "Biological Collection" in Tuzla.

Biological collection operates in the Museum of Natural Division, which is located in easter of Bosna. The main goal, in total, of this collection and this division, is, 
to present to the public wealth of flora and fauna, and native land, with the research work and with many exhibitions, and to develope wider exchange of materials with similar institutions. At Natural Division, school youth has the opportunity to enrich the knowledge from biology, to develop their love to the nature, to strengthen an understanding about origin of the living world and to develop a sense of protection and improvement of the enviroment. The exhibits in this collection are zoolocigal (animal), fitološkog (herbal) and mineral origin.

We invite you to learn something new and interesting, therefore come and visit "Biological Collection" every day from 10.00h-12.00h.


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