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The bus station in Tuzla

DSC02434The bus station was built in Tuzla in 1970.


The station has a 12th platforms, catering facilities, waiting rooms, modern desk, wardrobe desk and other contents, making it one of the largest and best equipped stations in Bosnia and Hercegovina.


Currently the station is used by more than 35 carriers from BiH and abroad, in order of arrival / departure, as well as transit to international lines. Ticket sale Service through modern computer system, performs sales and reservation of travel tickets for all lines that depart or transit this station. Information to passengers in the waiting room of the departure times of individual lines are provided via the display and trough informe service. "Bus Station Tuzla" with its contents (Ticket sale Serivce, cloakroom, restaurant, bank, booth with press, telephones, video surveillance, public toilets) satisfies the conditions I (first) category of bus stations.


All the buses from the "Bus Station in Tuzla" drive for all cities in BiH, as well as many international destinations: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg.

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