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Javorje - Konjuh

On the western slopes of the mountain Konjuh is the mountain dome Javorje which is named after the mountain top which rises immediately above it, and its highest peak Bandera (1207m).
The mountain dome has 30 beds and is owned by mountaineering society Konjuh from Tuzla. The usual approach to the mountain dome is a marked trail on the road from Tuzla Stupari - Sarajevo. Another possible access to the mountaind dome is by car or bus to the village of Goleti?i then walk 4 kilometres to the mountaind dome. Konjuh mountain is located in the north-eastern Bosnia and Hercegovina. Situated directly above the mining town of Banovi?i which is known for its coal exploatation. With its dense coniferous and deciduous forests, clear streams and sunny clearings it provides very nice conditions for a trip, hunting, fishing and hiking. One of the rarest gems of nature preserved in Bosnia for Mountaineering Association and nature lovers. This is one of the few Bosnian mountains, which still resists human insatiable need to destroy every natural treasure.


One of the greatest advantages of Konjuh for tourism development is that this mountain is not contaminated by mines. Konjuh Mountain is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. In february 2009. the goverment of Tuzla Canton (TK) enacted that a part of the Konjuh mountain is a protected zone, by which the preservation of this natural treasure and the touristic potential of Tuzla Canton as well as the enitre country, will be greately improved.


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