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Tuholj and Goleti?i

Ten kilometers from the northern municipality Kladanj is Tuholj.To village is a small town that has long distinguished tradiciju.Svojim position of the surrounding villages because there are many more ravni?arskih parts in relation to the neighbors.
As well as the community is not particularly developed, but there are plenty of economic potential, especially in the development of livestock, agriculture, timber industry and geographic terms sl.U relief is hilly and mountainous and is mostly covered with forests and large meadows.
The resort is exposed to the sun on the river valley. In this village and around it appears a small number of sources (springs) that are constantly active, but not izdašnog character.
For the formation of settlements Tuholj no clear data, but according to some claims of this village was built before the city Kladanj which dates from the Turkish preioda.
Because of its long period of existence has a very long tradition and a large number of interesting events that we could not find the relevant facts and data.
In the villages, which are an integral part of this settlement to drink spring water, while the most common drinking water source Papali.U time with the emergence of villages, these sources were crucial to the survival of the population in this area until now, they are not necessary.
Forest resources in most parts used in the timber industry, while a small part of the beech wood is used mainly the needs of the surrounding population as ogrev.Pastures are very rich in grass. Residents of villages Tuholj engaged exclusively in agriculture and cattle breeding.
Nearby MZ Tuholj visible are the remains of a stone pavement-times, the people known as Mary put Terezije.To the way as we learn from the locals were passing trade caravans with goods. There is a circuit wdding cemetery near the mosque Tuholjin called "Šehitluci, but has not known how they arise.

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