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Euroherc insurance d.d.was founded in 1992. in Ljubuški. The company was founded by private capital, and was the establishment of the foundation of today's Agram.
The headquarters since 1998.until the end of 2008.  had been in Mostar, but on the 01.01.2009. the Company has moved to Sarajevo.


To be available at all times for his clients, Euroherc has made a wide network of own branches and outlets across the country.

In a time where we live,to protect yourself, your family and property is a complex and important responsibility. As an expert in insurance and risk management, Euroherc provides the highest quality offer. The Company offers a wide range of life insurance from insurance of persons and property, to insurance of transportation and liability insurance.

Continuously improve the quality of services and products, invest in infrastructure facilities and training of our employees are the strategic guidelines of the Company. Loyalty and satisfaction of insured and our business partners is our business imperative.

Euroherc offers different types of insurance:

- Vehicles

- Property

- People

- Transportation

- Responsibility



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