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Today is Book Fair in Belgrade

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Laszlo Vegel, a prominent Serbian writer of Hungarian origin, and axis Lind, the famous Swedish writer for children, opened this year's 55th International Book Fair to be held in Belgrade on 25 31 October.
On an area of 31,050 gross square feet will feature more than 800 publishers from Serbia, neighboring countries, Europe and the world. Among them are the exhibitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Specifically, it will feature 423 independent exhibitors and more than 400 of those are associated with distributors ... With a book fair in Frankfurt, this is the second most important trade show, printmaking event in Europe.

Hence the great public attention to this cultural event. When he released the information that is accredited 700 journalists were witty and informal remarks that there are more journalists than the exhibitor.
Sweden is a country of this year the guest of honor, and will present the program "Voices of Sweden, and even with 79 programs, which shall, except in the fair, held at other locations in Belgrade. Coming from that country by 19, three jazz musicians and experts in library science.
Swedish Ambassador Christer Asp, among other things, said he hoped that this book fair not only contribute to the presentation of the culture of his country, but also to Sweden acquainted with the culture of Serbia and other nations balkansih: "Culture is important and obligatory part in building understanding and close relations between peoples and nations. Therefore, we are proud that Sweden Guest of Honor Book Fair in Belgrade, events of significance not only for Serbia but for the whole region "- said Asp.

Since 25 to 31 October under the domes of the fair will be held on a rich program, 48 different content management organizes the book fair, 59 exhibitors at the fair venues for promotions, a 136 meeting will be on stands.
Ticket price is 150 dinars for a group visit, 250 for singles and 26th (Tuesday) is a family day, then at a price of 600 dinars parents can visit the fair with more children. The school day is 28 October, working hours from 10 to 20 hours, along with a Book Fair under the domes of the Belgrade Fair shall be held and 41 Fair and learning equipment and 18 Fair information.
Rich accompanying programs will mean forums, "chatrooms", exhibitions, poetry marathon, panel discussions, workshops ... that would really encompass many participants (in poetry marathon will be attended by more than 50 creators).
Motto of the fair is, as already announced in the media, "Brains in your head", and on several occasions one could hear that the International Book Fair in Belgrade, the most prestigious cultural event in southeast Europe.

Travel agents and from Tuzla Canton, as well as the whole of BiH have tried to organize for collective book lovers visiting Belgrade for the book fair.What Tuzla confirmed that collective visit, as in previous years, are organizing "GuvernerTurist" (tel. 250 515 ) and the Agency ELLE (tel. 258 098). Visits are organized on Saturday and Sunday, and if interest and other days.
- Our travelers to Belgrade, the diverse composition of: citizens, students from all faculties of the University of Tuzla, high school students and their professors, librarians and others - say, the tourist agency ELLE.
It should be noted that at the Belgrade Fair, you can find the books you have been long sought and that the prices are significantly lower than in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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