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Ski-lift Karaula

The firm also has a machine for tamping snow bombardier''type''.The starting station ski lift is located at about 1 km from the town of Kladanj so t...



Sretan 10. ro?endan, draga naša Panoniko ! 07.07.2013. 


Tuzlanski aerodrom

Objavljen red vožnje za 2014. godinu  

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Svjetski dan voda

The United Nations (UN) World Water Day is held on March 22 each year to increase people's awareness  on water's importance in life,as well as it's increasing vulnerablity. The UN estimates that about 1.1 billion people have no access to potable water.
This years World Water Day is celebrated under the slogan  "Water for cities -responding to the urban challenge"
And  Bosnia and Herzegovina is organizing  series of activities in order to aim for  public attention to the importance of water and its association with the production of energy. It is necessary to use water to generate electricity, and  to  use electricity for cleaning and bringing water to the consumer. Three main water polluters are resorts, industry and synthetic agents. Rivers and lakes are being polluted by waste that is fed into them. Protection of drinking water is one of the world's goals today. Do something good and let's be proud of our rivers.
In the organization of the Association "Eco Green", 22.03.2015 the event was held in Tuzla on the significance of the celebration of World Water Day. Participants of the event were university professors in  schools, students and pupils. On this occasion, it was pointed out the problem of Lake Lukavac which for many years has been polluted. If it  the current pace of destruction continues, the lake will soon disappear.
We will realize its value only when we lose it. Contribution to raise awareness about the importance of water for human life, was given to the students by the Faculty of Philosophy, as well as pupils of New Town to  provide for future generations to have  sufficient quantities of drinking water.


Održan StartUp Tourism

 Održan prvi StartUp Tourism - manifestacija za podršku razvoju ideja iz oblasti turizma. 


StartUp Tourism - pokrenite svoje ideje !

U prostorijama JU Turisti?ko-ugostiteljske škole u Tuzli 15.11. održa?e se StartUp Tourism - manifestacija promocije i realizacije ideja !


Night of FC Sloboda

No one, no one but Sloboda, you're sacred, we sang till late in the night...

Dani starih zanata

Manifestacija "Dani starih zanata"

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